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Ugly delicious

A fabulous, quite revolutionary food show on Netflix. One of the central ideas behind it is the questioning of “authenticity”. Rather than adhering to some illusive authentic standards David Chang suggests far more creative tactics. Hence he finds the best Pizza in Tokyo, which is far from the Italian original… A fascinating ride questioning perceived […]

Opus 92 and interpretation

The difference between real Beethoven interpretation and merely efficient, instrumentally accomplished playing can be studied by listening to Carlos Kleiber and the Concertgebouw Orchestra when compared with the WDR orchestra and Jukka Pekka Saraste. Although the WDR orchestra is a good band, the energy and rhetoric that comes from this concert is over vast stretches […]

D 566 and Nasedkin

Franz Schubert’s piano sonata D 566 in e-minor is virtually unknown. It is an unfinished 2 movement work, but contains some of Schubert’s most special music within his sonata output. And there is one exceptional recording with beautiful LP sound by Russian pianist Alexei Nasdekin which I have held in highest esteem since I heard […]

The woman with a broken nose

Now I was lucky enough to see my second film with Nebojsa Glogovac in the leading role, by director Srdjan Koljevic. And it reminded me quite of “The constitution” which I had seen recently here in Oslo in the cinema. Nebosja Glogovac is again the center of the film and his acting alone makes it […]

Art, Fiction, & History

Fascinating discussion about W G Sebald, one of my favourite German authors in the 20th century, whom I had the privilege to exchange some letters with shortly before his untimely death. Sebald considered himself a sort of ‘exiled’ writer, but more in the context of “The Emigrants”, the title of one of his books, as […]

Speedy Death

A fabulous find on You Tube ! One of the greatest, though not really that widely known Golden Age crime writers was Gladys Mitchell. Due to my rather unhealthy obsession with classic crime novels ( they make up more than half of my library, many in precious first editions with their striking dustjackets ) I […]

El Carretero

Singer, songwriter, composer and actor Carlos Gardel ( 1890 -1935 ), the most prominent figure in the history of tango does not need an introduction. Here a song from 1928 which was new to me. Absolutely delightful !


This is a repost, but it had to be done. I was lucky in the 80ies to be able to listen to many of Sergiu Celibidache’s rehearsals and concerts. And there were a few that stuck out, and Bruckner’s f-minor mass was one of them. I remember I sat here through half a dozen rehearsals […]

Nebojša Glogovac

I just have learnt that Nebojša Glogovac, the main actor in “The Constitution”, Rajko Grlic’s remarkable film from 2016, has died at the age of 49 in February 2018, after having been diagnosed with lung cancer in December 2017. He was a very characterful and strong actor, not very well known in the West, though […]