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Canon X

A fascinating study here about what one can do with just 2 voices by the great Conlon Nancarrow. Truly mind-blowing.

Louis C K

A detour, as this is filed under ‘British comedy”: the most interesting US comedian by far is Louis C K. Impossible to describe this dark humour in a short description, so it’s best to introduce him by a few selected clips !!

Virginia Woolf

One of my favorite authors, a writer alongside the ranks of Joyce, Beckett and Proust. And here is a rarissimum of some kind: a recording with her voice. Fascinating talk about language and words… !!

Little Britain

“Little Britain” was a groundbreaking, bizarre series which made you cringe throughout during sketches. ( ‘Fatfighters’ being such a recurring episode ). Here are all the deleted scenes from the US themed part of the series ! Enjoy !


The 10 Zappa books have arrived !!! Walter Aue, a 87 year old writer living in a tiny village in East Germany has written over a period of 2 years essays relating to any imaginable subject regarding culture, which often took him across the world during his fascinating rich and interesting life. These particular […]

Guter Mond Du gehst so stille

The career of the Comedian Harmonists, Germany’s most revered all male close harmony ensemble ( founded in 1928 ) was cut short by the Nazis, who prevented them from performing after 1934. Here is a beautiful rendition of an old German folk song. “Good moon you are going so still…”. Reminds me of some Schubert […]

Edith Wiens

Foe me soprano Edith Wiens belongs to the very finest singers in the 20th/21st century. Many of her interpretations of Schubert,Schumann,Brahms and Strauss songs are in a league of their own. Here 2 examples of her art.

Nachtstueck 23/4

Schumann’s greatly underrated piano cycle “Nachtstuecke Opus 23”, an old favourite of mine, has been interpreted in an exemplary way by Emil Gilels. Unfortunately the Melodya LP ( in its unedited version ) has not resurfaced yet on you tube, only some ghastly CD transfers, which capture little of Gilels’ wonderfully rich sound. But here […]

Sans paroles

The composer Johannes Kreidler, whose work is performed in this clip teaches at the Hochschule fuer Musik und Theater in Hamburg music theory, ear training and score playing.