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Sans paroles

The composer Johannes Kreidler, whose work is performed in this clip teaches at the Hochschule fuer Musik und Theater in Hamburg music theory, ear training and score playing.

Wiener Dog

The new film by Todd Solondz is another exquisite document about the bleakness of modern average life in the US. With razor sharp, lucid sarcasm Solondz vivisects society and highlights the everyday perversions of seemingly ‘normal’ lives. Another groundbreaking film by one of the US most original filmmakers.


Sounds from another world so it seems: Sergiu Celibidache conducting Bruckner’s Mass in f-minor. I will never forget the Benedictus, as I attended a few rehearsals at the time and could witness how it was gradually turned into this miracle performance. Of course one needs the right acoustics for such music, so I recommend earphones […]

A special day

Ettore Scola’s “A special day” is one of the most impressive films I have seen in recent times ( months, years ). Set against Fascist Italy it deals with human solidarity and courage against totalitarian surroundings. The film is very slowly moving, beautifully shot and Sophia Loren and Marcello Mastroianni are in a league of […]

Peter Anders

The German Tenor Peter Anders is ( and always was ) for me the most mesmerising Schubert singer. Here a quote from the Gramophone describing his art: ” There is a natural fervour and freedom to his singing matched by a sure musicality that falls like balm on the ear …” / Alan Blyth in […]

14 years

Maurizio Pollini at age 14. Cannot think of anybody that has ever matched this level as this shows — apart from superlative pianistic abilities — already highly typical and individual playing.


Wilhelm Kempff, apart from his stellar Beethoven and Schubert recordings – most of then recorded late in his ife – was quite an astonishingly virtuosic pianist with that typical romantic spontaneous flair that was the hallmark of this epoch. Here some ultra rare recordings from this period in Kempff’s career incl. a spectacular Schumann Toccata […]


In 1673 Heinrich Biber composed ‘Battalia à 10’. And the second movement, titled ” Die liederliche Gesellschaft von allerley Humor ” is truly remarkable: a polytonal piece, that makes look Mozart’s ‘Musikalischer Spass’ rather harmless. ( starts at 1.45 min. )

Elizabeth Gill

It is always a great delight for a British mystery enthusiast like myself to discover new and obscure writers from the Golden Age of crime mystery. The more obscure the better ! Now Elizabeth Gill has been reprinted, a British autor who only lived for 32 years. ( 1902-1934 ) Hence her output is small: […]

Forgotten British composers VI

John H. Fould’s ‘World Requiem’ Opus 60 was composed 1918-1921 as a tribute to the victims of WW2. It complements Britten’s ‘War Requiem’ in the list of British Requiems that deal with the realities of war. Fould was an interesting composer, essentially British ( = unaffected by the modernist developments on the continent and with […]