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“People just do nothing”

A truly hilarious new Britcomedy from BBC:  “People justdo nothing”.  The underdog life in the UK with many funny twists. To be seen at BBC iplayer. For connoisseurs: it is a mix of “Shameless” and “Fools and Horses” with a hint of Ali G. Highly recommended. Here is a deleted scene.

Schubert: “Im Freien”

“Im Freien” D 880  is one of the lesser known of Schubert’s songs. It is in many ways a model of what Schubert is about ( no need to elaborate here ). I have always considered Wolfgang Holzmair’s version the most natural and ‘Schubertian’ of all. Here is the link to this extraordinary  music:

Johann Baptist Cramer ( 1771-1858 )

I always held Johann Baptist Cramer in very high esteem, particularly his charming and musical Etudes Opus 50. Of course it is a pity that these pieces are often massacred by unimaginative playing and then the composer gets blamed for the shortfalls of the pianist. I personally owe these Etudes a great deal of my […]