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Final Schubert album

This is the last instalment of my Schubert recordings. After the complete sonatas and dances, some individual works such as the Wandererfantasy, Huettenbrenner Variations and the Grazer Fantasy finally the set of the late Impromptus Opus 90 and Opus 142 are going to be released. These late works are – despite their popularity – among […]

Drone footage

A flight of a Drone over war ravaged Aleppo. The face of war and a precursor to how many European, American, Russian or Chinese cities will look if war mongers will eventually have their way… ( and I have no doubt they eventually will, history has always repeated itself.)

Klavierstueck XIII

Superlative performance of a major Stockhausen work for piano: the Klavierstueck XIII “Lucifer’s Dream”. Performed by Nino Ivania from memory I watched the whole 29.00 minutes without interruption. A record for a you tube video on my part. Quite some magic ahead… I prefer it over the famous and much more inaccessible Nr.X. Here is […]

Forgotten British composers V

In this ongoing exploration ( which is very dear to me as I adore British music in its many facets ) here comes Ernest John Moeran. Born 1894 in Hounslow, died 1950 in Kenmare. Moeran came late in the canon of last major British composers heavily influenced by folk-song and thus belongs to the lyrical […]

The Voynich manuscript

Very interesting questions raised with that obscure and somewhat infamous manuscript from the middle ages, the “Voynich manuscript”. Considered by some as a hoax it poses the question how much of art is intelligable and how much of its meaning is –intentionally or unintentionally –left in the dark. The excellent article by Michael LaPointe in […]


The ever so interesting question which book,composer,film,TV series…whatsoever would you take to a desert island, in the knowledge that there is no more replacemnet possible and you can just choose one item ? For British comedy my choice would be ( and has been for some decades ) the series ‘Minder’. Shot between 1979 and […]


THE most profound film about W G Sebald so far ! Very astute observation by Katie Mitchell ( theatre director ) in this film by comparing Sebalds style with Virginia Woolfe’s novel “The Waves”: ” …an attempt to capture perception in all its fleeting and fast way we perceive and we put things together… “. […]

Autumn Almanac

Bela Tarr has been for me – together with Michelangelo Antonioni – one of the most interesting film directors. His black and white masterpieces “Satantango”, “Werckmeister Harmonies”, “The Turin Horse”, “The man from London”, “Damnation” and the colour film “Autumn Almanac” are like many other comparable great works of literature or music very demanding in […]


Buster Keaton was undoubtedly one of the greatest of all American comedians. His stone faced appearance and the unforgiving obstacles which nearly ruin his life are beyond sheer comedy. We are fortunate in having pristine restorations of his films. Here is a superb example: “Cops” from 1922. As always his aspirations meet many adverse circumstances…