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Kaiser versus Reich Ranicki

From the days when in Germany intellectual debates were still possible on TV: here a solid 2 hour one with leading literary critic Marel Reich Ranicki und music critic Joachim Kaiser. Topic was the relationship between text and music in operas. A sell-out during the Richard Strauss Festival in Garmisch.( In German )

Italy and UK

The beauty of Tuscany and South England. 3 simple shots from the vacation 2017. Needless to say: Italy and UK have been in many ways my favourite countries for decades now. The magic of those old, often hard to reach villages in Italy, the charm of the English south coast, the architectural beauty of both […]

Blind Images

Via Walter Aue’s ‘Zappa’ books I have come across the blind photographer Evgen Bavcar. What struck me was the idea that the Originals of these photos are stored in his imagination only and we get to see the possible realisation of these imaginary works. Here is a link to his website.

New Zealand part 2

These photos have been taken today, 4th of January 2016 with my Smartphone. It is indeed impossible to describe the beauty of the landscape here at Cable Bay at the tip of the South Island. ( Click on photos to enlarge. )


In May 2017 I will record the 13 Barcarolles by Gabriel Faure for the West German Broadcast with the potential release on CD later. Faure has been the one composer I always was so fond of that – with the exception of his chamber music – I hardly dared to go near him. Sounds weird […]

New Zealand Part 1

Back in New Zealand ( with my lovely wife ) which is without a doubt one of the most beautiful countries one could imagine. I am spoilt working in Norway, another country with very special and unspoilt nature. Here are some impressions from my Mother-in-law’s house in Rangiora as of today, 26th of December 2016. […]

Cafe Zartl

Walking at night through Vienna without any aim is a great delight as in this amazing city one will always discover something. This time I had been strolling off my hotel in Rennweg towards the Donau in the Landstrasse Bezirk and walked through some more deserted side streets when I suddenly saw the Cafe Zartl. […]

Drone footage

A flight of a Drone over war ravaged Aleppo. The face of war and a precursor to how many European, American, Russian or Chinese cities will look if war mongers will eventually have their way… ( and I have no doubt they eventually will, history has always repeated itself.)

Babyn Yar 29th/30th September 1941

Exactly 75 years ago, between the 29th and 30th of September 1941 the Nazis killed 33.000 Jewish people outside Kiew in an mass execution that lasted 36 hours. This massacre was one of many only and there were only 29 survivors. In Dmitri Shostakovich’s 13th Symphony the first movement ( titled ‘Babi Yar’ ) deals […]