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Bax, Tintagel and Cornwall

In anticipation of  being in Cornwall in a few weeks — one of the most mesmerisingly beautiful  landscapes in Europe — here some music illustrating of what it is all about: Sir Arnold Bax’s symphonic poem ”Tintagel”, accompanied by some beautiful photos. And here some more material regarding harbour villages in Cornwall.    


Norabakken is one of  2 buildings of the Barratt Due Music Institute in Oslo. It’s where the pianists sit and practice, eat and somehow seem to  live. A great place, unusual and despite some unfinished renovation work ( a euphemism for the state the building is in ) I wouldn’t want to change it for any […]

Norway and New Zealand

Easily the most beautiful and unspoilt country in Europe Norway reminds one very much of New Zealand: both countries are far off any centre, have very similar beauty of nature and seem to be spared from overpopulation and other unfortunate developments such as the ones happening right now in Germany.  Here is a clip that shows […]

A You Tube channel

You tube is an incredible resource and one gets used to it, but from time one finds truly  outstanding channels. For example a channel called “MusicProf78” offers a vast library of extremely rare old 78’s, and neatly organised in folders. My favourite one is the Columbia Black Label Collection ( 116 numbers )  but see and […]

2016 has arrived !

Another year has finally arrived and I am spending a few weeks in New Zealand over Christmas. It is certainly and easily one of the most beautiful countries in the world ( I used to live there for 4 years ) and the only thing that can be bothersome is the long flight from and […]

Bill Maher

One of the weekly pleasures to look forward to is Bill Maher’s show on HBO. A brilliant taskmaster and very sharp commentator on the absurdities of American politics he represents clearly ‘the better America’, where critique about the  political situation is voiced and the precarious imbalance and distribution of wealth is adressed. All in a very […]

Website problems

Sorry about the continuing website problems ! I am trying to improve this ASAP.The Google translate buttons are useless and produce garbled language, hence its best just to read the original postings in English. Some links do not work either, others do. Some updates, like the inclusion of the new Mendelssohn CD Album hasn’t happened […]


Only a few days to go until Oslo and Norway ! Preparations are in  full swing now.Departure: 1st of March ! Here is a link to my new  College: Leaving the University of Canterbury was a necessity as all of its full time performance  teachers had already  left  the University  which –in line with government […]