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Two Doors Down

I immensely enjoy a newish Scottisch BBC comedy sitcom called “Two Doors Down”. Only the British can write such lighthearted entertainment and at the same time make you cringe in agony over the embarrassments of their characters. It is classic Britcomedy: self-deprecation at its best. Here some excerpts: http://

The Services

The comical genius of Peter Kay is nowhere more prevalent than in this relatively unknown episode of “That Peter Kay thing” titled ” The Services”. The often utterly shabby and depressing state of some of the UK’s motorway service stations gets a comical workover here by Peter Kay, who plays 5 different roles here. British […]

Hitler in Minehead

The big question: “What actually happened to Adolf Hitler after the war ?” has been convincingly answered by Monty Python. Hitler sought refuge with some of his most senior ministers in a B&B in rural England.

Inside No.9

A brilliant BBC comedy written by Steve Pemberton and Reece Shearsmith, who also devised “The league of Gentlemen” and “Psychoville”. Not to be missed. Surreal, wacky, dark and highly original. Brithumour at its best.

Phoenix Nights

One of Peter Kay’s major achievements: the 2 series of Phoenix Nights, produced 2001-2002. Still one of the most funny Northern English comedies, here are some hilarious outtakes and deleted scenes ! Not to be missed !!!

Detectorists 3

I have said it before: the UK’s quality and originality of its comedies is unparalleled. When compared with the talentless waffle that comes from e.g. Germany ( not a ‘humour destination’ in any case, and the same goes for art cinema ), or the manufactured and predictable US humour, then a series like “Detectorists” is […]


A fabulous new comedy from the BBC, mocking their own organisation. Hugh Bonneville as “Head of Values” and his team bring on the Best of British humour. Reminds me of all kind of HR nonsense and so called “Management teams” I had to endure in my life. Highly recommended ! And not to forget the […]