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Detectorists 3

I have said it before: the UK’s quality and originality of its comedies is unparalleled. When compared with the talentless waffle that comes from e.g. Germany ( not a ‘humour destination’ in any case, and the same goes for art cinema ), or the manufactured and predictable US humour, then a series like “Detectorists” is […]


A fabulous new comedy from the BBC, mocking their own organisation. Hugh Bonneville as “Head of Values” and his team bring on the Best of British humour. Reminds me of all kind of HR nonsense and so called “Management teams” I had to endure in my life. Highly recommended ! And not to forget the […]

Dave Allen

A splendid representative of British humour was comedian Dave Allen, an Irishman, who can be seen here in a sketch regarding “First contact with God “.

This Country

A splendid new Brit comedy !! It is really a spoof documentary, but for the initiated it will be a feast for the senses ! On BBC-I player or on you tube. Here is the first episode !

Louis C K

A detour, as this is filed under ‘British comedy”: the most interesting US comedian by far is Louis C K. Impossible to describe this dark humour in a short description, so it’s best to introduce him by a few selected clips !!

Little Britain

“Little Britain” was a groundbreaking, bizarre series which made you cringe throughout during sketches. ( ‘Fatfighters’ being such a recurring episode ). Here are all the deleted scenes from the US themed part of the series ! Enjoy !

Peep Show

For sure one of the funniest comedies around.  David Mitchell and Robert Webb star in this delighful series that depict the awkwardness of never getting it right with whatever you try to get right. David Mitchell as Mark Corrigan is the center of many sketches, and who wouldn’t be able to sympathise with him and his permanent […]


From one of England’s most gifted comedians Peter Kay here the episode “Leonard” from a program called “That Peter Kay Thing”, a series of 6 spoof episodes shown on Channel 4 in the year 2000. Unmissable and full of authentic British humour. The other episodes are equally brilliant and well worth checking out.


The ever so interesting question which book,composer,film,TV series…whatsoever would you take to a desert island, in the knowledge that there is no more replacemnet possible and you can just choose one item ? For British comedy my choice would be ( and has been for some decades ) the series ‘Minder’. Shot between 1979 and […]