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Car Share

One of the many ingeniously gifted British comedians Peter Kay here in a series that plays basically inside a car during a commute to work. Fabulously light hearted and enjoyable. The Brits have the gift to poke at the little miseries in life in a way that makes one cringe with delight…


I have said it before and I will say it again: when it comes to humour the Brits are in their own league and produce a never-ending array of fabulously innovative comedies. One of the many new ones is “Fleabag”, on BBC for the ones who live either in the UK or have a VPN, […]

“People just do nothing”

A truly hilarious new Britcomedy from BBC:  “People justdo nothing”.  The underdog life in the UK with many funny twists. To be seen at BBC iplayer. For connoisseurs: it is a mix of “Shameless” and “Fools and Horses” with a hint of Ali G. Highly recommended. Here is a deleted scene.

Still Game

The Scots have their own Comedy tradition, the best effort  so far has been ‘Still Game’ , the story of several  pensioners living in a Glasgow towerblock. Hilarious characters and superb acting are the norm here. Here are two  tasters: firstly a famous clip where ‘Winston’, a notoriously stinchy guy loses all his money, which he […]

Steve Coogan and Rob Brydon

Probably my two favorite UK comedians, here a few flicks from the  most highly recommended ”Trip to Italy”, where they travel around Italy visiting one fantastic restaurant after another ( Italy  of course is an incomparable  food destination, in a different stratosphere when compared to its more Northern neighbours  ). I believe all their rants are improvised.

From Cradle to Grave

This  hilarious comedy of the70-ies is one of the best series of Peter Kay, who is of course one of the UK’s most talented comedians. It is stunning what wealth of talent the Brits have when it comes to comedy, outclassing any other country on earth in this department.  Well, enough said: here is a […]


The best British series in recent times, by far. Both series are available on DVD. Mackenzie Crook, who played also in The Office has finally taken off !!!  Utterly charming  classic British underdog humour,  this production exemplifies all the best qualities in Britcom.  

Jazz Club

One of the most inventive comedy series in Britain was “The Fast Show”. An amazing variety of  highly original and hilarious sketches. “Jazz Club”  was one of many featured,  here is a taster ! plus Johnny, the manic painter.  plus Ralph and Ted.


For connoisseurs of British comedy here an absolute rarity ( only available on Australian region 4 DVDs ) : the great Arthur Lowe in a charming old-fashioned series “Potter”, where he plays a character similar to the immortal Captain Mainwaring in “Dad’s Army”. Highly recommended.