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Late Mozart Vol. 4

The so called “Divertimento” KV 563 is a string Trio in 6 movements for violin, viola and cello. It is one of the indisputable highlights within Mozart’s oeuvre. Impossible really to describe the compository subtleties, the sophistication of its themes in combination with the serious technical demands. For example like so often in late Mozart […]


The British pianist Evlyn Howard-Jones (1877-1951) has been only known to a handful of insiders, but his playing deserves for sure attention. There are some marvelous Bach recordings from 1929 and 1930. Far from the dry and academic Bach playing which is la mode these days it is wonderful to see such imagination and musicality. […]


The Kolisch Quartet has always been a most unusual formation regarding the radicalism of their interpretations, especially in their Mozart, Schubert and Schoenberg recordings. One notable aspect of the Quartet was that they generally performed from memory, including difficult modern works such as the Lyric Suite of Berg ot the Schoenberg Quartets. This was not […]


One of the most unusual and highly individual voices in the history of singing must have been Pol Plancon ( 1851-1914 ), here in two recordings from 1903. I heard his voice the very first time at my teacher’s flat in London, where Peter Feuchtwanger occasionally opened up his treasure trove of thousands of LPs […]


From my favorite British composer: “Paean” ( 1929 ) by Arnold Bax performed by Harriet Cohen in 1938. A great rarity of a recording and one of the most obscure works of Bax !

El Carretero

Singer, songwriter, composer and actor Carlos Gardel ( 1890 -1935 ), the most prominent figure in the history of tango does not need an introduction. Here a song from 1928 which was new to me. Absolutely delightful !


…is the year Blanche Selva ( 1884-1942 ) recorded the 1st Bach partita. She performed the complete works of Bach in 1904 in seventeen recitals.It is one of my favourite Bach recordings, eminently expressive, sometimes upside down ( the Allemande much faster then the Courante, but so what… ), but every time I come back […]


Gershwin’s musical “Tip-Toes” contained a handful of immortal songs. One of my favorite is “Looking for a boy” which is sung here by Dorothy Dickson in true Gerswhin style. And not to forget the master himself: here is the solo piano version played by Gershwin himself. ( I am just learning that one, will be […]

Mozart KV 526

For those who think that we live in a time where musical interpretation is at its peak ( due to the insight we have regarding period performance etc ) think twice. For me nothing in Mozart violin sonata interpretations has ever surpassed the early Heifetz recordings plus Jaques Thibaud and Marguerite Long’s versions from the […]