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Prince Johann Ernst

This nephew of Bach’s employer who only lived from 1697-1715 was a very gifted composer and Bach transcribed one of his concertos for Organ. A very catchy 1st movement by an obviously highly talented composer.

Joseph Krips

One of the most underrated conductors, particularly when it comes to Mozart. In comparison the high gloss performance of Levine and the BSO deliver relatively little food for thought. So it seems…to me at least… http://spotify:track:1hc6jYxYZSbOgMaxQ2Eedp

Cats and Schubert

As an ardent cat lover I am honoured that somebody in Japan used my recording of the Grazer Waltzer by Schubert as background music for some filmed ongoings regarding their cats. And they have good taste: that very cycle is one of the finest of all 400 Schubert dances and very ‘catty’ indeed.

Mendelssohn revisited

I have been waiting for this for years: a recording of the Mendelssohn Quartets that does away with this music just being “beautiful” and “harmonious”, or in the German sense “buergerlich”. I always felt there is a strong undercurrent in his music that is as disturbing as in Schumann or Chopin’s great works, and finally […]


Here it is: Schubert perfection ! The most sensous and expressive singing, and of course one of those truly magical Schubert songs.


The one Faure piece that got me started many years ago was his Elegie Opus 24, and it was this very recording with Jaqueline du Pre. Here is a beautiful LP sound version supplied by David Hertzberg’s fabulous You Tube channel. The mixture of elegance, depth, melancholy without any sentimentality plus the specific use of […]

Someone to watch over me

One of the most hauntingly beautiful Gershwin songs. It certainly grew on me through learning Gershwin’s piano version ( quite difficult to pull off, his demanding transcriptions show what an amazing pianist he was ). So here are a few versions of this gem. Enjoy !!!


This is a repost, but it is Mozart perfection hence it needs to be heard again. Lee Luvisi never made it into the bigger concert circus and is virtually unknown to audiences outside the US. Here comes his Mozart playing which I find mesmerising. Already the first set of the Variations from this recording draws […]

Dorothy Dandridge

Quite a discovery, I never had heard of this amazing artist. A sad biography as she ended her life at 42 in 1961. She was the first black woman ever to be nominated for an Oscar. Mesmerisingly and hauntingly beautiful singing.

Frédéric Meinders

Amazing discovery. Never had heard of this pianist, composer before. What an output as a transcriber, let alone his stunning piano playing. Here a taster. Magical playing.