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Mozart and Schubert

The 2 above gentlemen have always been my favourite composers and to remind myself of their unique music I am posting here 2 rare examples of seldom or never performed works.

Sorabji’s 2nd organ symphony

One of the many daring works by British composer Kaikhosru Sorabji is the 8 and a half hour long symphony for organ. Kevin Bowyer, who recorded recorded the first organ symphony years ago has now performed that gargantuan work. I take my hat off ! It took over 30 years to prepare this score. Only […]

Mozart KV 526

For those who think that we live in a time where musical interpretation is at its peak ( due to the insight we have regarding period performance etc ) think twice. For me nothing in Mozart violin sonata interpretations has ever surpassed the early Heifetz recordings plus Jaques Thibaud and Marguerite Long’s versions from the […]


The Greek conductor Teodor Currentzis is without any doubt one of the most interesting conductors of our times. He has settled in Perm, Siberia and works there with an orchestra called ‘MusicAeterna’. Here are some examples of this outstanding music making.

Canon X

A fascinating study here about what one can do with just 2 voices by the great Conlon Nancarrow. Truly mind-blowing.

Edith Wiens

Foe me soprano Edith Wiens belongs to the very finest singers in the 20th/21st century. Many of her interpretations of Schubert,Schumann,Brahms and Strauss songs are in a league of their own. Here 2 examples of her art.

Nachtstueck 23/4

Schumann’s greatly underrated piano cycle “Nachtstuecke Opus 23”, an old favourite of mine, has been interpreted in an exemplary way by Emil Gilels. Unfortunately the Melodya LP ( in its unedited version ) has not resurfaced yet on you tube, only some ghastly CD transfers, which capture little of Gilels’ wonderfully rich sound. But here […]

Sans paroles

The composer Johannes Kreidler, whose work is performed in this clip teaches at the Hochschule fuer Musik und Theater in Hamburg music theory, ear training and score playing.


Sounds from another world so it seems: Sergiu Celibidache conducting Bruckner’s Mass in f-minor. I will never forget the Benedictus, as I attended a few rehearsals at the time and could witness how it was gradually turned into this miracle performance. Of course one needs the right acoustics for such music, so I recommend earphones […]

Peter Anders

The German Tenor Peter Anders is ( and always was ) for me the most mesmerising Schubert singer. Here a quote from the Gramophone describing his art: ” There is a natural fervour and freedom to his singing matched by a sure musicality that falls like balm on the ear …” / Alan Blyth in […]