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Hidden Gems Vol. 2 Exquisite Schubert

“…die Haeuser schau’n verwundert drein…” ( …the houses look in wonder… ). This wonderful line, which I have never forgotten since I heard it first many years ago —  one can find in Franz Schubert’s “Nachthelle”, a priceless piece for Tenor, Male choir and Piano. My favorite recording used to be with the Muenchner Singphoniker, […]

Verklaerte Nacht

That must be one of the most remarkable versions of this work: the Norwegian chamber orchestra performs Arnold Schoenberg’s ‘Verklaerte Nacht’ not only from memory (!) but without conductor . Quite priceless in its searing intensity and profound interpretation.


There is not the slightest doubt in my mind that Karlheinz Stockhausen was one of the most creative minds in the 20th century. His music is an endless ocean of new sounds and revolutionary ideas. There is a vast amount of his music on you tube, most notably many excerpts from his opera ”Licht”, the […]

Bax, Tintagel and Cornwall

In anticipation of  being in Cornwall in a few weeks — one of the most mesmerisingly beautiful  landscapes in Europe — here some music illustrating of what it is all about: Sir Arnold Bax’s symphonic poem ”Tintagel”, accompanied by some beautiful photos. And here some more material regarding harbour villages in Cornwall.    

Francois Couperin

To play Baroque repertoire on the modern piano is not without its problems particularly when one looks at the colourful works by Francois Couperin. Zuzana Růžičková, the great Czech Harpsichordist has a highly impressive recorded legacy and a particular gem is the Supraphon recording from 1966 with a selection of Couperin. ( Thanks to David Hertzberg […]

Rare document

This is a priceless document: German baritone Heinrich Schlusnus in the only existing film document. His singing here shows his qualities: unpretentious and totally natural singing combined with great seriousness. The film shows some images from  war ravaged Berlin, which are in stark contrast to the words ending  Hugo Wolf’s song. ( ”Gruess Dich Deutschland aus Herzensgrund […]

Mozart Haffner Symphony

Here is a link to the most recent concert of the Barrat Due Chamber Philharmonic, that is the student orchestra of the Barratt Due Music Institute  in Oslo, the institution I work at.  


For anybody interested in Mendelssohn, a composer that still is undervalued and underestimated, here comes a lecture about how to play ( and how NOT to play ) Mendelssohn  by Menahem Pressler. Full of invaluable insights. As an added bonus you will find Mozart’s early B-flat Trio at the end.

Ken Russell

Ken Russell ( 1927 -2011 ) was an English film maker, who is particularly interesting for his eccentric portraits of composers, amongst them Mahler, Elgar, Tschaikowsky, Liszt and Delius. The Delius film is enchanting, full of quirkyness and a must for admirers of this great English composer. The DVD’s with these films are now available, but also […]