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Needless to say that Arturo Benedetti Michelangeli was one of the most stunning pianists of all times. The sophistication of his playing, the complete lack of outward effects and sentimentality and his unmatched pianistic abilities are the stuff of legends. His best time was from the 1940ies into the 1960ies, nearly everything from that time […]


Franz Schubert wrote 3 major Fantasies, all seminal works that belong to the top of the genre. The first one in chronological order is the so called “Wandererfantasie” Opus 15, a highly virtuosic work for solo piano, based on the song “Der Wanderer” was composed in 1822. Schubert, who was only a moderate pianist could […]

Eileen Joyce

Australian pianist Eileen Joyce ( 1908 – 1991 ) is a vastly underrated and nearly forgotten pianist. In my opinion she was one of the very great performers of the 20th century, and whilst having a big International career during her lifetime, reputation has since faded. Equipped with a stupendous technique and a highly individual […]


It was one of the great privileges having had lessons with Felix Galimir at the Juilliard School of Music during my studies there. Galimir was a direct connection to Maurice Ravel, as he and his Quartet were the first one to record Ravel’s String Quartet in 1934 under the supervision of the composer. Ravel’s very […]


The Kolisch Quartet has always been a most unusual formation regarding the radicalism of their interpretations, especially in their Mozart, Schubert and Schoenberg recordings. One notable aspect of the Quartet was that they generally performed from memory, including difficult modern works such as the Lyric Suite of Berg ot the Schoenberg Quartets. This was not […]

Karen Dalton

A remarkable and neglected singer with a tragic life story. Her voice has a haunting quality… a real discovery.


Dvorak’s Requiem is rarely performed and an underrated masterpiece. Composed in 1890 it is a deeply spiritual work. It needs to be heard. ( A woman in Berlin 1945, after having committed suicide. The suicide rates spiked dramatically in 1945 as many women were afraid of being abused,raped or killed by Russian soldiers who had […]

Vitebsk (1929 )

Shloyme-Zanvel Rappaport/Semyon Akimovich Ansky (1863-1920) is one of the most remarkable figures in Russian and Jewish history and literature. Born to a traditional, Yiddish-speaking Jewish family, Ansky became a populist activist and an author of fiction, poetry, and drama in Yiddish and Russian. His play “Between Two Worlds” (The Dybbuk), was written in 1919, was […]

Opus 19

I am one of not so many ardent admirers of Carl Maria von Weber. And I don’t just like the operas, but also his piano music ( the 4 glorious sonatas, which I recorded 10 years ago ) incl. the 2 piano concertos and his 2 symphonies. Nr.1, Opus 19 is a highly original early […]