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Schubert’s 10th Symphony

The fragmentary 10th symphony. Here is the 2nd movement, which exists only in a unfinished piano sketch. Highly interesting, it clearly resembles other late works such as the Unfinished Symphony !

Teresa Stich-Randall

Quite a discovery: American soprano Teresa Stich-Randall ( 1927 – 2007 ). Haven’t heard of her before, but it seems to me that she possessed one of the most natural and beautiful voices.

KV 414

At Barratt Due Music Institute where I teach we have a pre college division and a college. Here is my 11 year student Sophia Mina Friedensburg with the 1st mvt. of Mozart’s piano concerto KV 414 accompanied by the pre college chamber orchestra.

Faure update

The 13 Barcarolles have now been recorded at the WDR and its splendid Bismarck Hall in Central Cologne. Despite having being struck with a nasty virus that plagued me intensely during those 3 days once sitting at the instrument I felt suddenly as fresh a spring chicken. Amazing and unexpected that. Needless to say I […]

2 Songs

As my recording session with the complete set of Faure’s Barcarolles is now only a bit more than a week away I am sampling more of his utterly addictive music. And here are two finds of the highest quality: the song “Adieu” sung by Gérard Souzay and one of Faure’s most mesmerising songs: “Les Roses […]

Jaques Brel ( 1929-1978 )

Born in Belgium, Jaques Brel was one of the most influential and iconic Chanson singers and artists in the Francophone world. Here a song from his very last album, made in 1977.

Deucalion Project

Good news from Japan ! A you tube website is putting on mono recordings, many of them of the very highest order, such as Wolfgang Sawallisch’s legendary Brahms Symphony cycle with the Vienna Symphony from the late 1950ies. These recordings then get upgraded to Stereo by some amazing Japanese engineering. It had to come fom […]

Mozart and Schubert

The 2 above gentlemen have always been my favourite composers and to remind myself of their unique music I am posting here 2 rare examples of seldom or never performed works.

Sorabji’s 2nd organ symphony

One of the many daring works by British composer Kaikhosru Sorabji is his 8 and a half hour long 2nd symphony for organ. Kevin Bowyer, who recorded the first organ symphony years ago performed that gargantuan work now. I take my hat off ! It took him over 30 years to prepare this score. Only […]

Mozart KV 526

For those who think that we live in a time where musical interpretation is at its peak ( due to the insight we have regarding period performance etc ) think twice. For me nothing in Mozart violin sonata interpretations has ever surpassed the early Heifetz recordings plus Jaques Thibaud and Marguerite Long’s versions from the […]