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“Arise! ye spirits of the storm”

Thomas Linley the younger (1756-1778) lived only a very short life, but there can be no doubt whatsoever that he was an astonishing talent. Hyperion used to have 2 CDs out with his glorious music, I have always held those in highest esteem. They seem to be out of print, which is a pity as […]

Opus 106

The greatest of all piano sonatas ever written is a Mount Everest in terms of technical demands and interpretatory problems. 2 highly interesting versions can be heard here. A stupendous one on a modern piano with German pianist Georg Friedrich Schenck. It beats most other modern versions and offers great insights into this work. The […]


When it comes to poetic and inspired playing Wilhelm Kempff is hard to beat. I particularly adore his Liszt recordings. That’s how it must have sounded when Liszt played this music, a far cry from what one hears all too often in our days.

Prince Johann Ernst

This nephew of Bach’s employer who only lived from 1697-1715 was a very gifted composer and Bach transcribed one of his concertos for Organ. A very catchy 1st movement by an obviously highly talented composer.

Joseph Krips

One of the most underrated conductors, particularly when it comes to Mozart. In comparison the high gloss performance of Levine and the BSO deliver relatively little food for thought. So it seems…to me at least…

Cats and Schubert

As an ardent cat lover I am honoured that somebody in Japan used my recording of the Grazer Waltzer by Schubert as background music for some filmed ongoings regarding their cats. And they have good taste: that very cycle is one of the finest of all 400 Schubert dances and very ‘catty’ indeed.

Mendelssohn revisited

I have been waiting for this for years: a recording of the Mendelssohn Quartets that does away with this music just being “beautiful” and “harmonious”, or in the German sense “buergerlich”. I always felt there is a strong undercurrent in his music that is as disturbing as in Schumann or Chopin’s great works, and finally […]


Here it is: Schubert perfection ! The most sensous and expressive singing, and of course one of those truly magical Schubert songs.