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How did I end up here ? Watching ducks accompanied by 3 Schubert dances which were taken from my recording ?  Well…checking You Tube I guess. Weird, but quite beautiful. Did Schubert like ducks ? Do ducks  like Schubert dances ? I gotta get off and do some work now….


That was the year when Krystian Zimerman won the Chopin competition in Warsaw in a way that has not been repeated ever since. Not only was there a new approach to Chopin interpretation but his overall pianistic and musical abilities were astounding to say the least. An astonishing clarity and fire added a new dimension to  […]

Take 2

Sometimes I get a headache when watching certain clips on You Tube.  But one can always make things good again…


In May 2017 I will record the 13 Barcarolles by Gabriel Faure for the West German Broadcast with the potential release on CD later. Faure has been the one composer I always was so fond of that – with the exception of his chamber music – I hardly dared to go near him. Sounds weird […]


I have always been an ardent admirer of Bach’s chorales. Inexhaustible inventiveness and exquisite harmonies, it defies belief how one composer can create such a multitude of musical wealth. Here is a selection…


A wonderful recording of the 15 two part inventions by Bach, played by young students as part of the amazing “AllofBach” project of the Netherlands Bach Society, who intends to perform all of Bach’s works and put all the films online free of charge.

Matthäuspassion versus Feminist Theology

Just in time for Christmas a truly remarkable Matthäuspassion conducted by Thomas Quasthoff from the 2015 Verbier Festival. And as an antidote an article by feminist musicologist Professor Susan McClary. ( One of her accomplishments was accusing Beethoven of depicting a rape scene in the first movement of his 9th symphony.) Quite interesting to read […]

Final Schubert album

This is the last instalment of my Schubert recordings. After the complete sonatas and dances, some individual works such as the Wandererfantasy, Huettenbrenner Variations and the Grazer Fantasy finally the set of the late Impromptus Opus 90 and Opus 142 are going to be released. These late works are – despite their popularity – among […]

Klavierstueck XIII

Superlative performance of a major Stockhausen work for piano: the Klavierstueck XIII “Lucifer’s Dream”. Performed by Nino Ivania from memory I watched the whole 29.00 minutes without interruption. A record for a you tube video on my part. Quite some magic ahead… I prefer it over the famous and much more inaccessible Nr.X. Here is […]

Forgotten British composers V

In this ongoing exploration ( which is very dear to me as I adore British music in its many facets ) here comes Ernest John Moeran. Born 1894 in Hounslow, died 1950 in Kenmare. Moeran came late in the canon of last major British composers heavily influenced by folk-song and thus belongs to the lyrical […]