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The tree of the wooden clogs

This film received the Palme d’Or at the Cannes Festival in 1978, its director was Ermanno Olmi. It is an epic portrait of peasant life in late 19th century Italy. Olmi presents a year in the lives, charting their daily activities in the natural flow of existence: birth, marriage, death and the trials and tribulations […]

Donald in 1958

This is not about Donald Duck, but a 1958 episode of the Western TV show “Crackdown”, which features a con man named Trump who comes to town and promises that he alone can save the townspeople from the end of the world. He is accused of being a fear-mongering snake oil salesman and they try […]

Wakako Zake

An interesting Japanese series, called “Wakako Zake”, about a young woman who goes out in Tokyo after work and drinks and eats alone in a restaurant. After each episode which involves mostly eating and details about the food the actual location is shared. Sort of weird, but at times quite touching and very sophisticated in […]

Xi Xi

An exceptional movie. Taiwanese director Edward Yang ( 1947 – 2007 ) shot it in 2000 and it was his final work. It is virtually impossible to describe the subtlety, humour, dignity, humanity that permeates this work of art. Below you’ll find a ( not so good ) trailer, but for real movie buffs: there […]

Yasujirô Ozu

One of Japan’s most iconic movie directors, he lived from 1903 – 1963 and produced over 50 films. I have just watched 12 works and this was one of the most sophisticated movie experiences ever. Here is an excellent introduction into his very special art. Highly recommended.


The eminent Jewish documentary filmer Elisabeth T. Spira has produced more than 60 episodes of Austrian life in the series Alltagsgeschichten between 1985 and 2006 for the ORF. Here is an example about life in a Jewish Viennese old people’s home. Very moving are the last 2 interviews. From 38.04 min on. A Mengele survivor […]


From one of the greatest movie directors of all times here a few impressions from “Nostalghia” by Andrei Tarkovsky.

Terence Malik

In pure cinematographic terms one “Days of Heaven” ( 1978 ) by Terence Malik, is one of the most aesthetically beautiful films I have ever seen. The full movie can be found on socksharenet, but the best version available is – as always – from Criterion.( Be aware you need a Blue Ray Region A […]

Hiroshi Teshigahara ( 1927-2001 )

One of the most interesting discoveries in this year has been the work of Japanese filmmaker Hiroshi Teshigahara, particularly his groundbreaking ‘New Wave’ film ” Woman in the Dunes”( 1964 ). A fascinating film, works on many levels, a contender for the top 10 for sure !