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3 x Edward Yang

Edward Yang, one of Taiwan’s most important directors is especially known for his masterpiece “Yi Yi”, in my opinion one of the finest Asian films ever made ( together with “Maboroshi” by Hirokazu Koreeda and “Tokyo Story” by Yasujirō Ozu.) But there are also some rare and hard to get earlier works by Yang that […]


Robert Altman’s 1969 thriller “That cold day in the park” is one of the more neglected movies by this great American director. For movie buffs it is interesting to observe Altman’s interest in female psychology, which the director later explored in 1972’s “Images” and 1977’s “3 Women” further. The storyline is as simple as it […]

11 minutes

One of my favorite You Tube channels is “Sommer’s World Literature to go”. Most of these videos were originally presented on a sister channel in German, but now Sommer goes English !! Approximately one work of world literature per month will be posted ! Here is “Crime and Punishment” by Fjodor Dostojevsky. In 11 minutes. […]

Nostalghia One of the few lesser debated works of Tarkovsky, but my personal favorite. Here a HD version with English subs from You Tube.

Adolfo Arietta

Adolfo González Arrieta (b. in Madrid, August 28, 1942) is a spanish filmmaker, considered as the pioneer of independent film both in Spain and France, due to the artisan quality and the unique spirit of freedom of his films. He usually uses variations of his name in the credits of his films, such as Udolfo […]

Take Three part 2 “Trilogy”

At the beginning of the 1960’s Ingmar Bergman unleashed “Through a Glass Darkly”, “Winter Light”, and “The Silence” in rapid succession, exposing moviegoers worldwide to a new level of intellectual and emotional intensity. Each film employs minimal dialogue, eerily isolated settings, and searing performances from such Bergman regulars as Max von Sydow, Harriet Andersson, Gunnar […]

Take Three Part 1

Three feasts for the eye and mind. Jean Renoir’s masterpiece “The River” from 1951, Stanley Kubrick’s epic “Barry Lyndon” ( 1975 ) and Chris Marker’s wonderful documentary “Sans Soleil” (1983). Movies do not get any better than this. Barely a word is spoken, but what a mesmerising scene. Thanks to Stanley Kubrick, Franz Schubert […]


“Dr. Mabuse, der Spieler ” is a four and a half hour monster of a film, shot in 1922 by Fritz Lang. Essential viewing for cinema buffs. It is an image of chaotic times and the dissolution of society. A not so new theme.

Cops ( 1922 )

Buster Keaton was once perfectly described by Orson Welles: “Keaton was beyond all praise, a very great artist, and one of the most beautiful men I ever saw on the screen. He was also a superb director. In the last analysis, nobody came near him (…) I wish I’d known him better than I did.s […]

Hard Luck

One of Buster Keaton’s greatest films. And make no mistake: he was the greatest comedian in the previous century. Period. “Hard Luck” was written and directed in 1921 by Keaton and Edward F. Cline. The runtime is 22 minutes. For sixty years it was Keaton’s only major lost film until it was partially reconstructed in […]