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Take Three part 2 “Trilogy”

At the beginning of the 1960’s Ingmar Bergman unleashed “Through a Glass Darkly”, “Winter Light”, and “The Silence” in rapid succession, exposing moviegoers worldwide to a new level of intellectual and emotional intensity. Each film employs minimal dialogue, eerily isolated settings, and searing performances from such Bergman regulars as Max von Sydow, Harriet Andersson, Gunnar […]

Take Three Part 1

Three feasts for the eye and mind. Jean Renoir’s masterpiece “The River” from 1951, Stanley Kubrick’s epic “Barry Lyndon” ( 1975 ) and Chris Marker’s wonderful documentary “Sans Soleil” (1983). Movies do not get any better than this. Barely a word is spoken, but what a mesmerising scene. Thanks to Stanley Kubrick, Franz Schubert […]


“Dr. Mabuse, der Spieler ” is a four and a half hour monster of a film, shot in 1922 by Fritz Lang. Essential viewing for cinema buffs. It is an image of chaotic times and the dissolution of society. A not so new theme.

Cops ( 1922 )

Buster Keaton was once perfectly described by Orson Welles: “Keaton was beyond all praise, a very great artist, and one of the most beautiful men I ever saw on the screen. He was also a superb director. In the last analysis, nobody came near him (…) I wish I’d known him better than I did.s […]

Hard Luck

One of Buster Keaton’s greatest films. And make no mistake: he was the greatest comedian in the previous century. Period. “Hard Luck” was written and directed in 1921 by Keaton and Edward F. Cline. The runtime is 22 minutes. For sixty years it was Keaton’s only major lost film until it was partially reconstructed in […]

“In the mood for love”

” We all need stories. What happens in our daily lives changes our stories. You can see the Italian cinema and the French new wave, in the 60s, the first generation after the second world war, so they have a lot of things to say and a new perspective. For these two years, Asian cinema, […]

Yukio Mishima (1925-1970 )

One of Japan’s most influential and important writers, film maker and artist here in a rare interview. And great news come with this: I got alerted by a friend to the fact that Criterion ( THE top quality DVD/ Blue Ray company in the US – and the world ) has released already in […]


Hermes Phettberg was a truly eccentric character, whose TV show “Phettberg’s Nette Leit Show” was a real highlight in Austrian TV in the 1990-ies. Light years away from the hapless and flat TV productions in Germany ( a country that never appreciated eccentric characters but will always opt for conformity instead ), the Austrians have […]

Wandafuru Raifu

This earlier film “Wandafuru Raifu” ( “After Life”, 1998 ) by Hirokazu Kore-eda is so far – apart from the masterwork of ‘Maborosi’ – one of the most intriguing movies I have seen by this director. A small mid-20th century social-service-style office is a waystation for the souls of the recently deceased, where they are […]

A barber

Claude Lanzmann has died at the age of 92. I will always remember seeing his epic, 9 1/2 hour film “Shoah” about the Holocaust in a little, long gone cinema in New York, opposite Juilliard in 1985. He had interviewed survivors of the Holocaust, and there was one episode in the middle of this […]