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Edward Yang

One of the most important Asian film makers was the Taiwanese director Edward Yang ( 1947 – 2007 ) .”A brighter summer day” is one of his key works, and it is no exaggeration calling this 4 1/2 film one of the 20th century’s most important and ingenious movies. Here is a clip about Criterion’s […]


Excellent film essay about film director Michelangelo Antonioni’s two masterworks ‘L’avventura’ and ‘Il deserto rosso’. His films stand out even more so today in their astute analysis of the absurdities of life in the second half of 20th century and the ever increasing encroachment of technology and soulless technocracy. And here is a modern day […]

Wiener Dog

The new film by Todd Solondz is another exquisite document about the bleakness of modern average life in the US. With razor sharp, lucid sarcasm Solondz vivisects society and highlights the everyday perversions of seemingly ‘normal’ lives. Another groundbreaking film by one of the US most original filmmakers.

A special day

Ettore Scola’s “A special day” is one of the most impressive films I have seen in recent times ( months, years ). Set against Fascist Italy it deals with human solidarity and courage against totalitarian surroundings. The film is very slowly moving, beautifully shot and Sophia Loren and Marcello Mastroianni are in a league of […]

La Notte

One of Michelangelo Antonioni’s masterpieces in HD on you tube ! Watch it as long as it is on. One of the all time great films. Update: the link for the whole film on you tube is gone, so here is a link to the trailer and one scene. Superb and inexpensive Blue Rays are […]

Lo and Behold

THE most important film of recent times: the new Werner Herzog documentary “Lo and behold: Reveries of the connected world”. It deals with our information age and the role the internet played, plays and will play in the future. A chilling outlook to say the least… The film can be watched at the socksharenet platform. […]


THE most interesting and profound film about W G Sebald so far ! Very astute observation by Katie Mitchell ( theatre director ) in this film by comparing Sebalds style with Virginia Woolfe’s novel “The Waves”: ” …an attempt to capture perception in all its fleeting and fast way we perceive and we put things […]

Autumn Almanac

Bela Tarr has been for me – together with Michelangelo Antonioni – one of the most profound film directors. His black and white masterpieces “Satantango”, “Werckmeister Harmonies”, “The Turin Horse”, “The man from London”, “Damnation” and the colour film “Autumn Almanac” are like many other comparable great works of literature or music very demanding in […]


Buster Keaton was undoubtedly one of the greatest of all American comedians. His stone faced appearance and the unforgiving obstacles which nearly ruin his life are beyond sheer comedy. We are fortunate in having pristine restorations of his films. Here is a superb example: “Cops” from 1922. As always his aspirations meet many adverse circumstances…