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The Coen Brothers meet Our Father

A highly surprising find during the very last 2 minutes of the running credits of the latest Coen Brother’s Film “Hail Caesar” ( far from their best unfortunately ): suddenly there was this mesmerising singing to be heard. I searched for the piece as such, but other ensembles didn’t come near this particular version. Finally […]


The great Austrian filmmaker Ulrich Seidl has done it again: a new film is hitting the screens in September: SAFARI. Of course the viewer is in for some of the seemingly endless perversities of the human mind, here the shooting of wild animals in parks in Africa and Asia. And Seidl doesn’t hold back when […]

Ulrich Seidl 1994

For all of those whose stomach isn’t strong enough to take the most recent  film ” Im Keller “of Austrian filmmaker Ulrich Seidl  here an older,quite amusing shorter work: “Die letzten Maenner” ( The last men ), filmed in 1994 . ( German with some English.)

Michelangelo Antonioni

For me the greatest Italian film director  in the 20th century. My favorite film of his always has been ”Il Deserto Rosso”. The film operates on so many levels that it requires multiple viewing. I always felt the literary equivalent of Antonioni was Cesare Pavese, whose books also are multi layered affairs. Antonioni’s ”Le Amiche” was […]

Ken Russell

Ken Russell ( 1927 -2011 ) was an English film maker, who is particularly interesting for his eccentric portraits of composers, amongst them Mahler, Elgar, Tschaikowsky, Liszt and Delius. The Delius film is enchanting, full of quirkyness and a must for admirers of this great English composer. The DVD’s with these films are now available, but also […]


For German speaking folks : the great Austrian cabarettist Josef Hader  has produced a 2 part dark black comedy about hospitals. He plays a pathologist and it is the usual wild Austrian scenario that goes with it: eccentric characters, death,love, misery,cranky women,useless men… A great achievement and once more: for top quality TV one has […]


The Austrians have not only some of the best European contemporary Art Cinema ( Ulrich Seidl , Michael Haneke ), but also produce superb TV series over the last decades. When compared with the many  flat and ‘safe’ German TV productions , which often are poor in originality, low on acting talent and relying on the lowest […]


It is decidedly rare that a spin-off series of a truly excellent  and deservedly highly successful movie works, but the talent pool behind the Series “Fargo” managed exactly that. It is somewhat difficult to praise all the qualities of this astounding series. The currently transmitted series 2 combines ravishingly aesthetic visual imagery with a nightmarish […]

Yan Svankmejer

Far from being just some ‘Klamauk’ Yan Svankmejer’s surrealist films are very well thought out statements about the human condition and its prevalent absurdities and perversions. Here is a short film that shows in an exemplary way what Svankmejer is all about:  

“Let’s talk about the rain”

Some  of the most amusing comedies in recent years have been directed and acted by Agnes Jaoui. “Let’s talk about the rain” is one of them, a fantastically entertaining movie, intelligent and witty, a real delight. As always with her films some discreetly placed  exquisite music is to be heard ( here some subtle choral music […]