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Arno Schmidt

Finally an English version of an excellent film about Arno Schmidt, one of Germany’s most important postwar writers, and certainly my favorite “Wortmetz” ( wordsmith ) of them all.

Martin Walser

For German speaking folks: here is a 3 hour interview with one of the most important German authors, who turned 90 in April this year. Highly recommended.

Virginia Woolf

One of my favorite authors, a writer alongside the ranks of Joyce, Beckett and Proust. And here is a rarissimum of some kind: a recording with her voice. Fascinating talk about language and words… !!


The 10 Zappa books have arrived !!! Walter Aue, a 87 year old writer living in a tiny village in East Germany has written over a period of 2 years essays relating to any imaginable subject regarding culture, which often took him across the world during his fascinating rich and interesting life. These particular […]

Elizabeth Gill

It is always a great delight for a British mystery enthusiast like myself to discover new and obscure writers from the Golden Age of crime mystery. The more obscure the better ! Now Elizabeth Gill has been reprinted, a British autor who only lived for 32 years. ( 1902-1934 ) Hence her output is small: […]

Walter Aue

This is an artist to my liking: he writes essays and relates some of his observations to cats !! A whole series of 10 books and one particular cat called ZAPPA is the background for some fascinating writings which take the author across Europe, it also describes the musings of an older person looking back on […]


Now that the USA is –as of yesterday –governed  by a cretinous individual, who represents huge parts of the financial and military US establishment ( incl. some  unsavoury people a la the new education secretary, whose wealth is based on the pyramid selling company “Amway”, others belong to the ever so respectable hedge fund community and  Wall Street […]


For those who like British crime mysteries and like them old style ( not the fashionable concept of mixing social problems,inspectors with alcohol problems and personality disorders, addressing gender issues or God knows what else with a good mystery yarn ), and for those of us who just want a really good story, a great […]