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Walter Aue

This is an artist to my liking: he writes essays and relates some of his observations to cats !! A whole series of 10 books and one particular cat called ZAPPA is the background for some fascinating writings which take the author across Europe, it also describes the musings of an older person looking back on […]


Now that the USA is –as of yesterday –governed  by a cretinous individual, who represents huge parts of the financial and military US establishment ( incl. some  unsavoury people a la the new education secretary, whose wealth is based on the pyramid selling company “Amway”, others belong to the ever so respectable hedge fund community and  Wall Street […]


For those who like British crime mysteries and like them old style ( not the fashionable concept of mixing social problems,inspectors with alcohol problems and personality disorders, addressing gender issues or God knows what else with a good mystery yarn ), and for those of us who just want a really good story, a great […]

Wittgenstein and mystery

The great philosopher Ludwig Wittgenstein was a known reader of mystery books, he particularly liked the hard-boiled style of Norbert Davis, whose few books I can recommend most highly. Here is an illuminating article by crime expert Josef Hofmann about that philosopher’s pastime, the connections between philosophical thinking and crime novels…quite fascinating

The Voynich manuscript

Very interesting questions raised with that obscure and somewhat infamous manuscript from the middle ages, the “Voynich manuscript”. Considered by some as a hoax it poses the question how much of art is intelligable and how much of its meaning is –intentionally or unintentionally –left in the dark. The excellent article by Michael LaPointe in […]


THE most interesting and profound film about W G Sebald so far ! Very astute observation by Katie Mitchell ( theatre director ) in this film by comparing Sebalds style with Virginia Woolfe’s novel “The Waves”: ” …an attempt to capture perception in all its fleeting and fast way we perceive and we put things […]

Freedom and the Arts

A most fascinating collection of Essays by Charles Rosen. “Is there a moment in history when a work receives its ideal interpretation? Or is negotiation always required to preserve the past and accommodate the present? The freedom of interpretation, Charles Rosen suggests in these sparkling explorations of music and literature, exists in a delicate balance […]

“History” by Elsa Morante

One of the central issues in life can be the impact political decisions and its consequences –often decided by the people in power — have for ordinary folks, who struggle making it through each month and year. In our times the disastrous consequences of political turmoil can be witnessed. Elsa Morante and her husband Alberto […]

David Foster Wallace in HD

Finally I found that great and extensive interview DFW gave for the German TV channel ZDF in HD Quality. A fascinating film showing one of the foremost American authors in recent decades before his untimely death in 2008.