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David Foster Wallace

It probably doesn’t even need mentioning but  David Foster Wallace (1962-2008 ) was one of the most original voices in American literature of the last decades.         His untimely death due to suicide at the age of 46 silenced a mind with an extreme sense of astute observation, equipped with a profound sense of […]

Paintings in Proust

Recommending books is a tricky business, and tastes are wildly different. Interest in serious literature can be a conversation killer these days, intellectual discourse  increasingly getting frowned upon. But  for those who have munched their way through one of the greatest novels in literary history, the “A la Recherche du temps perdu ” by Proust,  here is […]

Golden Age

Between roughly 1920 and 1950 was the time of the so called  Golden Age of the Crime Novel  which I have been interested for  many years now. One of its most interesting representatives was “Locked Room ” specialist John Dickson Carr. The meeting of the Internet based John Dickson Carr society in London was quite […]