Cafe Zartl

n7wrz8yv-7pbk-1zum-ajvs-xiebth2pa5ud-728x434 Walking at night through Vienna without any aim is a great delight as in this amazing city one will always discover something. This time I had been strolling off my hotel in Rennweg towards the Donau in the Landstrasse Bezirk and walked through some more deserted side streets when I suddenly saw the Cafe Zartl. Unlike many cafes in Germany with their sterile, often tasteless decor and subsequent lack of atmosphere ( let alone being a cultural meeting place ) the Zartl is an exquisite old world charmer and has an impressive history of visiting guests, among them Robert Musil, Heimito von Dodderer, Friedensreich Hundertwasser, Axel Corti, Gottfried von Einem, Friedrich Gulda, to name a few.
It is also the meeting place for the International Brotherhood of Magicians.
Around 9pm there were a few tables occupied, some guests reading the paper or books, others playing a board game, at another table an animated discussion was under way.
I had some beautifully cooked Goulash followed by a Creme Tart afterwards and I enjoyed every second in this place, which is not far from the Hundertwasser House at Kegelgasse 36-38.
Supposedly the company who runs the Zartl ( plus a few other institutions of that kind ) is struggling financially, so go out there and support this gem !!!
Cafe Zartl,Rasumofskygasse 7,1030 Wien