I restrict myself here on this blog to music, books, films and ( mostly Uk ) comedy. But there has to be the odd exception. The exception has a name and it is Arthur Pemberton ( formerly also known as Arthurtwoshedsjackson ). It is our 25 year old cat. Yes, you heard right ! 25 years and still going. He has a good appetite, can’t see or hear though but seems still to be his old self. Arthur has lived in the UK ( “Liked it very much there, good sense of humour !”), Germany ( “Not my cup of tea, too many cat regulations.” ) and finally New Zealand ( “N I C E. Lots of space and hardly any other cats.”) For the readers of this exclusive blog we present here 3 recent photographs of Arthur Pemberton who has agreed to release this material.




( picture from a Skype session. He ain’t no fool and has a clear favourite …my wife Susan. )