For those who like British crime mysteries and like them old style ( not the fashionable concept of mixing social problems,inspectors with alcohol problems and personality disorders, addressing gender issues or God knows what else with a good mystery yarn ), and for those of us who just want a really good story, a great riddle to be solved, to be entertained in the most relaxing way, then the news is good ! From the Golden Age of Crime ( a period from about 1920 to 1950 in the UK and US ) the so called “British Library Classics” have reprinted many rare classics from this era. I have collected many first editions over the years as many of these gems have never been reprinted. But look no further: here are some excellent titles I can wholeheartedly recommend, whereby the detectives are refreshingly free of modern neuroses, the plot and riddle are the centre piece,( did Lord Pilkington get killed in this – locked from the inside – room ? ) and the novel doesn’t comply with today’s PC demands. So you will meet ladies and gentlemen, butlers and chauffeurs, priests and old spinsters, and they all know their place…
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