The 10 Zappa books have arrived !!! Walter Aue, a 87 year old writer living in a tiny village in East Germany has written over a period of 2 years essays relating to any imaginable subject regarding culture, which often took him across the world during his fascinating rich and interesting life. These particular essays here are all linked by a cat called ZAPPA. This cat used to live at a bar in Berlin Charlottenburg, called ‘Zwiebelfisch’, where he was a kind of celebrity. Aue connects his musings ( he was a regular at that pub for 40 years ) with the cat…it is fascinating to read such a cultural history and have ZAPPA as a recurring focal point. Unfortunately the cat got attacked 2 years ago, somebody threw acid in his face. ZAPPA survived, but is now very anxious and lives with somebody nearby the pub in a flat, not going out anymore. Why some cretin thought he had to do this will remain a mystery, it happened during one of ZAPPAS’s regular excursions into the neighbourhood. I read the first of the 10 books today ( inhaling it in 100 minutes sitting in a cafe here in Oslo ) and can only say that this was one of most satisfying reads in a long time. And there they are: another 9 books to go !



( Zappa at the Zwiebelfisch )