My obsession with Viennese dance music ( I am one of only 3 pianists who have ever recorded all 400 Schubert dances and I am fairly addicted to any Johann Strauss type music ) has a clearly defined origin: Georg Freundorfer, a Bavarian Zither player from the 1920’ies and 1930’ies, who my father adored. He had collected all of his recordings. Freundorfer played with a pianist, a certain Bernhard Derksen, and that must have been my first contact with any piano playing. These Waltzes and Polkas were also played by my father on the Zither at home more or less day in and day out ( it drove my mother crazy at times ) and I listened to this music with great astonishment and enjoyment. I still do like all of this music. There is a wonderful old world charm about it that appeals to me. I also appreciate the fact that this music is deeply rooted in the Bavarian/Austrian folk music tradition, something that I always have enjoyed. Here are 2 examples of Freundorfer’s art recorded in 1927. And just for the record: the Zither also has a sinister quality, and that can be heard by Viennese Zither Virtuoso Anton Karas and his famous “The Third Man ” theme.