Choral searching

I am a longstanding Bach chorale enthusiast. That has slightly to do with the fact that I played organ in church for quite many years, though Bach chorales were not the normal diet: I had to play simplified and very plain versions of all kind of songs the church had approved of, but nevertheless: what you can’t easily have becomes magic, and I smuggled in regularly some more elaborated chorales by Bach. Many years later these chorales still follow me around. I resorted to listening to practically all of Bach’s 200 cantatas, and there was always this exhilarating moment at the end of each cantata when the choral finally arrives. And yes, I have a favourite Chorale: it ranks IMHO with the best of Schubert’s songs or the most sublime of Mozart’s arias. It is called: “Bin ich gleich von Dir gewichen” BWV 55 and is part of the cantata “Ich armer Mensch, ich Suendenknecht”. And the search for the most beautiful version ( that choral is also used in other works such as the St. Matthews Passion ) led me to 2 favourite contenders: first and foremost this live version from the website.( Go to Nr. 5, the end of the cantata ) Very intimate and beautiful, perfect really. The second one is by the outstanding Bach Collegium Japan and Masaaki Suzuki.
PS No, I am not particularly religious, but found it always somewhat amusing that modern day atheists ridicule eg the admittedly kinda weird virgin Mary story whilst believing at the same time that the universe started in a billionth of a second and expanded in that short time indefinitely.