Arthur 27.01.2018

Born in Bransgore,Dorset,UK, where he lived for 15 years before migrating to Berlin and finally to sunny New Zealand.
An amazing coincidence: our street in Bransgore was originally “Brick Kiln Road”, the place he got laid to rest was “Brick Kiln Road” at my mother-in-laws house in Rangiora, NZ.
He was a very gentle, modest chap, but not a team player. There are some unresolved mysteries about him regarding the unexplained disappearances of some cats that used to live with us. As of today all of of these cases remain unresolved.
Some other vital statistics: he ate around 12.000 tins of cat food, 800 kg of dried food, mostly premium brands, killed about 430 mice and 180 birds, though that number might be considerably higher considering he often went hunting at night.
He was 25 years old when he died, which equates to 120 human years.
Here are 2 links: a short clip “The Hand” from 2015 and his funeral video.
Arthur and the hand