Donald in 1958

This is not about Donald Duck, but a 1958 episode of the Western TV show “Crackdown”, which features a con man named Trump who comes to town and promises that he alone can save the townspeople from the end of the world. He is accused of being a fear-mongering snake oil salesman and they try to stop him, but Trump threatens to sue.
Then the high priest of fraud promises to build a wall.
A slightly chilling episode, anticipating today’s US president Donald Trump.
The series could not have anticipated the rampant nepotism that runs now in the White House , the medieval heist for the 5% wealthiest ( called a tax cut ) and Trumps’ “Grab them by the pussy” attitude towards women, which seems to be OK with his voters and the Republican party, which has itself become a self serving clan of repulsive clowns with zero conscience. Nuff said, here is that gem…