Quite a discovery at a piano competition taking at the HfM in Zurich this week : “Stygmatas” Five Miniatures For Piano ( 1990 ) by Lithuanian composer Alvidas Remesa.

Alvidas Remesa (b.1951) composed over 100 works in genres ranging from songs to symphonies and stage works; however, sacral music occupies the main part of his output. During the last 15 years he has studied theology, history of ecclesiastical music, liturgy, Gregorian chant, became a Franciscan monk. In 1990-2002 he was an organist at the Franciscan monastery church in Kretinga, currently he works also in the field of music therapy. Especially subtle and eloquent is his chamber music, the composer often employs monothematic principle; movements of the traditional cyclic structure in his works project consistent development of the main idea. Among most popular opuses should be mentioned his Seven Words of Jesus Christ for solo clarinet and Stigmata for piano.
( source: MIC Lithuania ).

Here is that gem of a piano work :