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Only for German speaking readers ( my apologies ) and only for the few who are interested in Arno Schmidt ( that means virtually nobody ): starting from 56.49 min. is an excellent new documentary about Arno Schmidt, part of a series about the “Lueneburger Heide” by R. Altmüller.
Arno Schmidt, who was estranged from his own country in many ways was a controversial author, who continued to follow the literary techniques of Virginia Woolfe and James Joyce. In today’s intellectually dishonest and dumbed down climate his complex writing as well as his uncompromising political and literary statements seem more out of line than ever before.
A substantial part of the self congratulating intelligentsia in Germany ( often well heeled and sitting in leafy suburbs, but almost always of no international relevance whatsoever ) is certainly at the opposite end of Schmidt’s unflinching and outspoken radicalism, which could be at the same time also staunchly conservative.
He was not shy defending a certain elitism when it came to literary demands, unthinkable in today’s Germany, where — I am digressing now — antisemitic rappers now score major music awards and are considered ‘artists’. One look at the mysoginist,racist and antisemitic texts should be enough to end all illusions, but the Germans have embraced unlimited multiculti at all costs and this development is no longer debated critically in their ‘quality papers’. Instead one gets Teflon coated trivia a la “Der Spiegel”, being the cheerleader in provincial and increasingly poorly researched reporting. For quality journalism in a totally different intellectual stratosphere go to:
https://www.newyorker.com — end of digression.
One author Arno Schmidt cherished was Johann Karl Friedrich Wezel ( 1779-1819 ), ( ” a venerable God- and Man-hater ” A. Schmidt ) whose novel “Belphegor” depicts a modern style outcast, reminiscent of characters in Bela Tarr’s films.
A kind of alter ego of himself perhaps ?
Nuff said.
Here is the link to the new film material about Schmidt: