Nebojša Glogovac

I just have learnt that Nebojša Glogovac, the main actor in “The Constitution”, Rajko Grlic’s remarkable film from 2016, has died at the age of 49 in February 2018, after having been diagnosed with lung cancer in December 2017. He was a very characterful and strong actor, not very well known in the West, though “The Constitution” might, posthumously finally change this.
The film is a masterful tragic comedy about humanity and what brings people together. Highly recommended, particularly in true cinema format. I am lucky enough to be able to go to the wonderful Cinemateket here in Oslo, a fabulous art cinema, and this film was my first true highlight in cinema going in 2018 ! Other notable films with Nebojša Glogovac are:
“Donkey”, “White,white world” and “Belgrad Radio Taxi”, all available on Amazon or other retailers.
The trailer is utterly useless and does not show at all what the film is about, its humour and its humanity. Who on earth put that together ??
But here is a review, which highlights the qualities of this movie.