Ugly delicious

A fabulous, quite revolutionary food show on Netflix. One of the central ideas behind it is the questioning of “authenticity”. Rather than adhering to some illusive authentic standards David Chang suggests far more creative tactics. Hence he finds the best Pizza in Tokyo, which is far from the Italian original… A fascinating ride questioning perceived wisdoms such as: “You can’t do this, can’t combine this…etc”. It has some comical highlights such as the comparing and checking of mass produced food with the higher echelons of cuisine with sometimes very surprising results.
Chang particularly challenges a certain snobism in the restaurant/food industry, which will make you want to believe that “authentic” stands always for a better experience.
It is very inspirational to say the least at whatever budget one operates on…a tin of sardines on toast can be an interesting and delicious experience, and if you wanna crumble cheese doodles on your macaroni nobody should stop you…
The reality is of course different: more and more pre-packaged and pre-cooked food is used nowadays in restaurants, to pretend some “traditional cooking” is going on.
My last visit in Germany was a vile experience: 80% of all meals I came across were clearly pre-prepared, deep frozen, salt laden etcetc., the worst culprits were the once great bakeries, which produce now tasteless crap, quite likely loaded with additives and chemicals. The difference to countries like France, Italy and Spain is enormous, the expectations of what creates a good meal quite obviously very different.
So a return to simplicity and awareness what one can actually create even within simple means is needed.
Watch David Chang’s great culinary expeditions. ( Only on Netflix.)