UK travel 1

This year’s focus is on the UK and it started with a visit to Manchester, followed by a short stay in Harrogate en route to the tiny village of Crosby Ravensworth in Cumbria. Glasgow will be next, then a short visit to Dublin.
Manchester has always been very interesting to me: one is still confronted with a decaying past, visible nearly everywhere in the city, and certainly at the North Quarter, where we stayed. There has been a vibrant regeneration going on over the years, though I am unsure it benefitted those in need: the poor and the homeless, whose huge numbers are very visible everywhere. So are cranes and gentrification projects, and some interesting contemporary architecture.
The inequality is visible, palpable and not a sign of great things ahead.

Change of scenery: Crosby Ravensworth is in Cumbria, a completely unspoilt spot in the middle of nowhere. Staying across the road from an old churchyard, surrounded by beautiful, breathtaking scenery, many sheep, 1 pub. People in these remote parts are incredibly friendly and I can sort of understand why some have voted here for Brexit. It has an unspoilt and untouched feel, and nobody in their right mind would want to change such a lifestyle. It is easy to attack Brexiteers for their often narrow views on society, but it is also understandable that not everybody is in favour Frau Merkel’s policies, all too often conducted at the expense of others. During my last visit to Germany I was astonished of what some of the city centres in the Ruhrgebiet had turned into. So for once – whilst in Cumbria – I’ll go with the Brexiteers. ( Will change my view later…in Glasgow …next )