Still traveling, but I managed to get my paws on another volume of Alice Schmidt’s diaries, this time its the start of her notations from 1948/49 onwards.
Of course this is primarily of interest to Arno Schmidt enthusiasts, but these chronicles contain many highly interesting observations in regard to postwar Germany, the poverty and struggle of a self employed writer, strategies how to overcome most severe adverse life circumstances and so on. Arno Schmidt had been released from war prison in 1945, had lost all his belongings and books subsequently and had to start from zero again. So they were squashed together with other refuge families in 1948 in a place called Cordinger Muehlenhof in Benefeld near Walsrode.( see photo below )
And that’s where Alice’s observations start to take shape: these diaries stand in stark contrast to some segments of today’s society, where even people with generous incomes and total security in their lives manage to complain continuously about this and that, here and there… a sign of those who have experienced little in their lives outside a very small radius. Reading detailed descriptions though about what live was for people in such difficult times is a very good reminder about a reality still for many, and I do wholeheartedly recommend Alice Schmidts’s diaries. Of course there are myriads of delectable details regarding the master himself…And PLEASE: do not support the tax dodgers from Amazon, but order your copy from a bookseller, free of charge when picked up, and within Germany with a one day wait only.

Cordinger Mühle-05-2011.jpg
Von Olaf Oliviero Riemer, CC BY-SA 3.0, Link