Symphonic piano concertos vol.1

There are quite a number of late romantic piano concertos that are ‘symphonic’, meaning that the piano part is interwoven to a high degree rather than the more ‘soloistic’ works such as by Chopin, Liszt and Rachmaninov. In today’s 12 second attention span-instant gratification society there is probably no more unfashionable music than these “symphonic concertos”.
And here we go: I will present a few of these outdated monsters. Wilhelm Furtwaenglers titanic “Symphonic piano concerto”, composed between 1924-1937, rev. 1954, with a duration of more than an hour is the first one.
What an amazing work and superlative live performance by Daniel Barenboim and the superb Los Angeles Philharmonic conducted by Zubin Mehta. It feels a bit like if Richard Wagner would have composed a concerto…the proportions are colossal…and like in a late Schubert work or a Bruckner symphony time is stretched. So give it a try, but phones and other diddles have to be switched off. I know that’s difficult, but so worth it…