The Blind Barber

From the greatest of all “Locked Room” writers and my personal favourite Golden Age crime writer John Dickson Carr the BBC has produced this wonderful radio play, based on “The Blind Barber”. This novel was first published in October 1934, featuring his series detective, the venerable Dr Gideon Fell.
It is an old-fashioned and relaxing affair and of course in the great tradition of the Golden Age: no politics, no alcoholic and divorced detectives who fight over child custody, ubiquitous gender issues or excessive violence and all the other nonsense that has become the trademark of a lot of contemporary crime writing.
Instead one gets a neat and tricky puzzle plus very atmospheric settings.
It is is for one’s entertainment purely, no other messages intended.
This particular story though is also more of a comical nature than other Carr’s books. The humour has not been to anybody’s liking, but I’ll side with the great Dorothy L. Sayers and her comment in the Sunday Times in 1934:
“I call it a gorgeous book, and if anyone doesn’t like it, I pities ’em.”
On another note:
Radioplays used to be a staple diet before television and the internet with all its blessings came into existence.
Enjoy !