Opus 19

I am one of not so many ardent admirers of Carl Maria von Weber. And I don’t just like the operas, but also his piano music ( the 4 glorious sonatas, which I recorded 10 years ago ) incl. the 2 piano concertos and his 2 symphonies. Nr.1, Opus 19 is a highly original early work, written between 1806-1807, and revised 1810. ( Here sketches to Opus 19, with later revisions from 1810. )
It has all the hallmarks of his style already, highly evocative sounds and an unerring sense for colourful instrumentation. Early romanticism at its best. And there is a fabulous recording out there, which has not been transferred to CD, with the Staatskapelle Dresden and Otmar Suitner. Warm sound with a nice ambience, and some very sensitive playing.