A little story

A few days ago I read the story on the Slippedisc blog by Norman Lebrecht about Polish dancer Franciszka Mann, who shot a SS Officer in Auschwitz on 23rd of October 1943 minutes before she would have been sent to the gas chambers.
Here is some more background information. About Franciszka Mann: It’s the beauty that killed the beast:The bravery of Franceska Mann.
The SS officer killed was a certain Josef Schillinger, who has been described by survivors as being extremely brutal and violent. He came from a village in the Breisgau area in Germany called Oberrimsingen, and was – quelle surprise – buried there in a so called ‘Ehrenfeld’ ( field of honour ) with a headstone commemorating him until 2003, when finally hobby historian Andreas Meckel managed to convince the authorities having Schillinger’s headstone removed.
The story isn’t over yet: the current Wikipedia article about Oberrimsingen still lists Schillinger under “Persoenlichkeiten” ( personalities ), “born in the village.”