Franz Schubert wrote 3 major Fantasies, all seminal works that belong to the top of the genre.
The first one in chronological order is the so called “Wandererfantasie” Opus 15, a highly virtuosic work for solo piano, based on the song “Der Wanderer” was composed in 1822. Schubert, who was only a moderate pianist could not play it himself and when trying sort of unsuccessfully he exclaimed angrily: “Der Teufel soll das spielen !” ( “The devil shall play this !” ). I can confirm that the pianistic demands in this work are truly staggering, bordering sometimes on the impossible.
The Wanderer motive of course being the central motif in Schubert’s music: a sign of somebody who is estranged from society and does not belong anywhere. The Song cycle “Winterreise” being the culmination of this dissolution process, where any hope or reconciliation is shown to be all but an illusion.
Two of these Fantasies were written within the last year of his short life, remained unpublished and he never heard them performed.
The one is the grandiose Fantasy in C major Op. posth. 159, D 934 for violin and Piano, again an extremely demanding piece.
And then there is of course the dark four hand Fantasy f-minor D 940, one of Schubert’s most profound works for piano.
Schubert interpretation is a difficult field and it gives me greatest pleasure to see that some young musicians master this highly sophisticated repertoire in an exemplary way.
Here are 2 top recommendations, in my view there are no better versions.