Late Mozart Vol.1

The late music of Mozart ( anything from roughly the last 3 years of his life ) is in a very special category of its own.
‘Dark’ or ‘Dramatic’ doesn’t even begin to describe the complexities of his late style. There is a ruggedness, despair and uncompromising attitude in some of these works that leave even Beethoven behind and have a lot in common with late Schubert regarding its harmonic shifts and the increasing chromaticism. Of course Mozart’s music always has a double layer of meaning even in many of his earlier works, such as the astounding early symphonies in g-minor KV 183 and A major KV 201.
There is always a certain melancholy in the background, but in late Mozart we are confronted with this searing expression, ever increased polyphony, sometimes music bordering on silence or leaving tonality behind.
The astonishing transition ( from 28.30 – 28.56 min. here in this version ) plus the following polyphonous passages are such unsettling examples.
Of course interpretation plays a big role in this and all too often one is confronted with high gloss thoughtlessness.
A fabulous interpreter of Mozart was Nikolaus Harnoncourt, here with his Concentus Musicus orchestra from Vienna. A truly great version of one of the greatest symphonies ever written.