Late Mozart Vol. 4

The so called “Divertimento” KV 563 is a string Trio in 6 movements for violin, viola and cello.
It is one of the indisputable highlights within Mozart’s oeuvre.
Impossible really to describe the compository subtleties, the sophistication of its themes in combination with the serious technical demands.
For example like so often in late Mozart the themes itself are often only built as a broken chord – here the E-flat chord, which is then reversed in the slow movement. The increased chromaticism in development and slow movement is also remarkable. And then there is as always a perfect balance between playful virtuosity and depth, which is almost impossible to analyse. All 3 instruments are equally treated and there is a perfect interplay between the 3 instruments, as Mozart in his late works become increasingly polyphonic in thinking.
The 4th movement is one of Mozart’s most perfect Variation movements and shall be especially mentioned here.
My personal favourites are the Adagio and the last movement, which have no earthbound quality any more. The playing here is truly outstanding.

I doubt there is or ever will be a recording that comes close to the 1935 version of Jascha Heifetz, William Primrose and Emmanuel Feuermann, each at the prime of their abilities at the time. This always has been the ultimate desert island Mozart recording for me.