Late Mozart Vol. 5

Last not least there is Mozart’s ultimate piano concerto.
A mysterious, spooky affair it is.
Already the beginning is highly unusual as the orchestra starts just with an accompanying figure before a quite subdued theme appears.
Another magic moment is this feeling of getting lost from 6.15 min.onwards.
The slow movement ( 13.50 min.) is out of this world.
Simplicity and sophistication, resignation and absolute beauty, all simultaneously at a level only Mozart was capable of.
Wilhelm Kempff is one of the very few pianists who possessed the imagination and poetry to bring this miraculous work to live, it is a truly priceless recording, here in LP quality ! ( Thanks to David Hertzberg’s You Tube Channel ).
And the Berlin Philharmonic with Ferdinand Leitner – a wonderful conductor I once had the pleasure to perform the Schumann piano concerto with the Tonhalle Orchestra in Zurich – is an added bonus even if the style of playing is a tad old fashioned !