Norway – New Zealand

After a stressful week of excessive eating and drinking, packing, organising and good bye-ing I have now finally left the Barratt Due Institute of Music in Oslo and have arrived back in sunny New Zealand.
I have spent some wonderful 5 years in Oslo at a musical institution that is truly excellent and provides a superb musical education from kinder garden to University level.
What made everything special were the people here.
I will seriously miss them and also the city of Oslo has an astonishing quality of life ( except for these devastatingly high prices for beer and wine…sigh…)
I am hoping to return next year for some action and some concerts in Germany. Here are some impressions from Oslo…

My workplace, a rustic warehouse-style building called “Norabakken”.
Street impressions outside my flat
View from my flat
The magnificent opera house ( will always remember Debussy’s “Pelleas and Melisande” )
A suspicious black cat
The famous black panther near the train station, a great inspiration for my German storyblog about a black Panther called “Sattler von Schlitt”.
One of those magic wooden churches.