Art Films 3

“Embracing” is an earlier documentary work by one of Japans’ most interesting directors, Naomi Kawase. Kawase’s work is heavily concerned with the distorted space between fiction and non-fiction that has occurred within the state of modern Japanese society, approaching “fiction with a documentarian’s gaze.”
She employs this documentary-realism to focus on individuals of lesser cultural status, challenging prevailing representations of women within the male-dominated Japanese film industry.This theme is also connected to her own personal reflections on contemporary issues in the current climate of economic depression such as the declining birthrate, alienation, and the collapse of traditional family structures.
She frequently shoots on location with amateur actors.( source: Wikipedia )

I do particularly recommend her 2015 film: “Sweet Bean”, an enchanting film about a street food vendor who meets an elderly lady looking for work. Her expertise in making “An” ( a sweet red bean paste filling ) starts a relationship that is much more than just street food.