Blanche Or The Garden Atelier

And here is a book discovery, due to the fact that I finally managed to unpack my 140 boxes of books here in New Zealand. After sorting out and disposing of a lot of books that I am no longer interested I ended up with about 10 metres of running shelves instead of the previous 16. And there I rediscovered a lot of old friends, one of them Paul Kornfeld’s ” Blanche oder Das Atelier im Garten”. ( Blanche Or The Garden Atelier )
I am proud owner of a rare and beautiful 1957 first edition of this book, whose author was brought to death by the Nazis in the Ghetto Litzmannstadt in 1942, the name given during the German occupation to a section of Łódź, Poland’s second-largest city.
Renowned German critic Hellmuth Karasek remarked:
»German literature is now richer in a great novel of the Thirties, a novel which could stand proud when compared to the likes of Robert Musil, Thomas Mann, Döblin or Heinrich Mann regarding its literary niveau and quality.«
And so it is: a rich work about the haute bourgeois society of the 1920s, an affluent milieu seemingly hermetically sealed from the political reality of the Weimarer Republic. A network of relationships, through which we view three women, each of them suicidal, between whom a bottle of veronal tablets is passed like a dance of death.