Yasujirô Ozu

One of the greatest Japanese movie directors, he lived from 1903 – 1963 and shot over 50 films. I have just watched 12 works and this was one of the most sophisticated movie experiences ever. Here is an excellent introduction into his very special art. Highly recommended.


Gershwin’s musical “Tip-Toes” contained a handful of immortal songs. One of my favorite is “Looking for a boy” which is sung here by the great Dorothy Dickson in true Gerswhin style. And not to forget the master himself: here is the solo piano version played by Gershwin himself. ( I am just learning that one, […]


The great Jewish documentary filmer Elisabeth T. Spira has produced more than 60 episodes of Austrian life in the series Alltagsgeschichten between 1985 and 2006 for the ORF. Here is an example about life in a Jewish Viennese old people’s home. Very moving are the last 2 interviews. From 38.04 min on. A Mengele survivor […]

Detectorists 3

I have said it before: the UK’s quality and originality of its comedies is unparalleled. When compared with the talentless waffle that comes from e.g. Germany ( not a ‘humour destination’ in any case, and the same goes for art cinema ), or the manufactured and predictable US humour, then a series like “Detectorists” is […]


This is a repost, but it is Mozart perfection hence it needs to be heard again. Lee Luvisi never made it into the bigger concert circus and is virtually unknown to audiences outside the US. Here comes his Mozart playing which I find mesmerising. Already the first set of the Variations from this recording draws […]

Poetic Harmony

An excellent short introduction into the art of Andrei Tarkovsky, one of the most important filmmakers in the 20th century.

Dorothy Dandridge

Quite a discovery, I never had heard of this amazing artist. A sad biography as she ended her life at 42 in 1961. She was the first black woman ever to be nominated for an Oscar. Mesmerisingly and hauntingly beautiful singing.

Édouard Leon Cortès

Looking at Post Impressionist Édouard Cortès’ quite magical paintings — evoking Paris — makes one realise in what pitiful state quite some of contemporary art seems to be. From a visit to the Astrup Fearnley Museet here in Oslo ( a pretty weird and unpleasant experience to be polite here, as I am living in […]


From one of the greatest movie directors of all times here a few impressions from “Nostalghia” by Andrei Tarkovsky.


A fabulous new comedy from the BBC, mocking their own organisation. Hugh Bonneville as “Head of Values” and his team bring on the Best of British humour. Reminds me of all kind of HR nonsense and so called “Management teams” I had to endure in my life. Highly recommended ! And not to forget the […]