Art Films 2

That Day, on the Beach (Chinese: 海灘的一天 (Hai tan de yi tian)) is a 1983 Taiwanese New Wave drama film and the first feature film by Taiwanese director Edward Yang, who is – apart from the great Ozu – my favourite Asian director. The film deals with two old friends, played by Sylvia Chang and […]

Two Doors Down

I immensely enjoy a newish Scottisch BBC comedy sitcom called “Two Doors Down”. Only the British can write such lighthearted entertainment and at the same time make you cringe in agony over the embarrassments of their characters. It is classic Britcomedy: self-deprecation at its best. Here some excerpts: http://

New York

My favorite city of them all ! I was lucky enough to live and study there for 2 years and went back numerous times ever since. Here some autumnal and wintery impressions… ( Number 2 of my all time favourite cities is Vienna, closely followed by Shanghai, London and Wellington ( NZ ). More to […]

Art Films 1

In a new series I will post a movie per week for those who are interested in Art Film. If possible a link to the complete film will be included, but be aware these links often disappear. Here is the first recommendation if the week: Tran Anh Hung’s “The scent of Green Papaya”. The Scent […]

2019 has begun

2019 has arrived and it’s summer here in New Zealand and some reading can commence ! An ongoing project is “Livro do Desassossego: Composto por Bernardo Soares, ajudante de guarda-livros na cidade de Lisboa”, shorter known as: “Book of Disquiet” by Fernando Pessoa, one of the truly important books of the 20th century. The longer […]

Symphonic piano concertos 3

Composed in 1929 “Winter Legends” is one of the two large scale piano/orchestra works by Arnold Bax. Structurally it is a three movement work with an epilogue, a technique Bax employed in many of his symphonies. For Baxians like myself this ranks among his finest works. Evoking old legends, beautiful visions of countryside and dramatic […]

Norway – New Zealand

After a stressful week of excessive eating and drinking, packing, organising and good bye-ing I have now finally left the Barratt Due Institute of Music in Oslo and have arrived back in sunny New Zealand. I have spent some wonderful 5 years in Oslo at a musical institution that is truly excellent and provides a […]

30 seconds

This is some of the most special footage that has come to light in recent years: Dinu Lipatti on film during a garden party in Luzern in 1947. It is a short clip, but the 5 minute long footage also has many other interesting artists to show for, such as Hindemith, Stokowsky, Furtwaengler, Schwarzkopf, to […]

Late Mozart Vol. 5

Last not least there is Mozart’s ultimate piano concerto. A mysterious, spooky affair it is. Already the beginning is highly unusual as the orchestra starts just with an accompanying figure before a quite subdued theme appears. Another magic moment is this feeling of getting lost from 6.15 min.onwards. The slow movement ( 13.50 min.) is […]