Sorabji’s 2nd organ symphony

One of the many daring works by British composer Kaikhosru Sorabji is his 8 and a half hour long 2nd symphony for organ. Kevin Bowyer, who recorded the first organ symphony years ago performed that gargantuan work now. I take my hat off ! It took him over 30 years to prepare this score. Only […]

Edward Yang

One of the most important Asian film makers was the Taiwanese director Edward Yang ( 1947 – 2007 ) .”A brighter summer day” is one of his key works, and it is no exaggeration calling this 4 1/2 film one of the 20th century’s most important and ingenious movies. Here is a clip about Criterion’s […]

Mozart KV 526

For those who think that we live in a time where musical interpretation is at its peak ( due to the insight we have regarding period performance etc ) think twice. For me nothing in Mozart violin sonata interpretations has ever surpassed the early Heifetz recordings plus Jaques Thibaud and Marguerite Long’s versions from the […]


My obsession with Viennese dance music ( I am one of only 3 pianists who have ever recorded all 400 Schubert dances and I am fairly addicted to any Johann Strauss type music ) has a clearly defined origin: Georg Freundorfer, a Bavarian Zither player from the 1920’ies and 1930’ies, who my father adored. He […]


The Greek conductor Teodor Currentzis is without any doubt one of the most interesting conductors of our times. He has settled in Perm, Siberia and works there with an orchestra called ‘MusicAeterna’. Here are some examples of this outstanding music making.

En Prière

A very rare Faure song recording by the great French baritone Charles Panzera in a stunningly well recorded original 78 rpm recording. A true gem !


Excellent film essay about film director Michelangelo Antonioni’s two masterworks ‘L’avventura’ and ‘Il deserto rosso’. His films stand out even more so today in their astute analysis of the absurdities of life in the second half of 20th century and the ever increasing encroachment of technology and soulless technocracy. And here is a modern day […]


In 1904 Pol Plancon, who had one of the most beautiful bass voices ever, recorded ‘Vallons de l’helvetia’. Stunning beauty of voice and technical control. I would not know of any contemporary singer that comes anywhere near this.

Canon X

A fascinating study here about what one can do with just 2 voices by the great Conlon Nancarrow. Truly mind-blowing.