“Les Roses d’Ispaham”

As an ardent and unrelenting Faure admirer ( his music comes next to Mozart and Schubert in subtlety ) one further attempt to find the ideal interpretation of one of Faure’s most exquisite songs. And it is no surprise that Victoria de los Ángeles delivers a stunning rendition.


According to Forkel, Bach’s first biographer ( 1802 ) this is how the Goldbergvariations came into existence: “For this model…, we are indebted to Count Keyserlingk, formerly Russian envoy to the court of the Elector of Saxony, who frequently resided in Leipzig, and brought with him Goldberg, who has been mentioned above, to have him […]

Arno Schmidt

Finally an English version of an excellent film about Arno Schmidt, one of Germany’s most important postwar writers, and certainly my favorite “Wortmetz” ( wordsmith ) of them all.

Terence Malik

In pure cinematographic terms one “Days of Heaven” ( 1978 ) by Terence Malik, is one of the most aesthetically beautiful films I have ever seen. The full movie can be found on socksharenet, but the best version available is – as always – from Criterion.( Be aware you need a Blue Ray Region A […]


An incredible tour de force, staggering virtuosity and spontaneity by Japanese Jazz pianist Hiromi Uehara. A far cry from some of the classical keyboard artists…

Kaiser versus Reich Ranicki

From the days when in Germany intellectual debates were still possible on TV: here a solid 2 hour one with leading literary critic Marel Reich Ranicki und music critic Joachim Kaiser. Topic was the relationship between text and music in operas. A sell-out during the Richard Strauss Festival in Garmisch.( In German )

Hiroshi Teshigahara ( 1927-2001 )

One of the most interesting discoveries in this year has been the work of Japanese filmmaker Hiroshi Teshigahara, particularly his groundbreaking ‘New Wave’ film ” Woman in the Dunes”( 1964 ). A fascinating film, works on many levels, a contender for the top 10 for sure !

Roy Andersson

Not for the faint hearted, Roy Andersson is one of my favorite film directors. A far cry from wanting merely ” to entertain” his films are relentlessly grim, but also have a sense of comical element, that reminds me of the Kaurismakki brothers. Very dark, very Scandinavian ! Here an unknown work:” World of Glory”. […]