Virtuoso !

One of the  pianistically most accomplished musicians was Nikolai Petrov ( 1943 -2011 ). His technical abilities are nothing short of simply incredible. And it is all to be seen on film. He actually recorded the infamous 1st version of Liszt’s Etudes d’exécution transcendante d’après Paganini, which was composed for a lighter piano than our modern keyboard […]

New Year’s Concert

After the uninspired concerts in recent years  coming from Vienna on the 1st of January ( the very recent one a particular low point ) one has to go back a few years to dig up something worthwhile listening. Of course the 2 Carlos Kleiber concerts are unique, so is Karajan’s epic appearance. But there […]

From Cradle to Grave

This  hilarious comedy of the70-ies is one of the best series of Peter Kay, who is of course one of the UK’s most talented comedians. It is stunning what wealth of talent the Brits have when it comes to comedy, outclassing any other country on earth in this department.  Well, enough said: here is a […]

Arnold Bax

My favourite English composer since I came across him,thanks to the Welsh musician Dafydd Llywelyn who played the Symphonic Variations for piano and orchestra to me on a car radio, whilst driving through Munich. From then on I was sold to Arnold Bax’s music and subsequently recorded all of his 4 piano sonatas plus the […]


The best British series in recent times, by far. Both series are available on DVD. Mackenzie Crook, who played also in The Office has finally taken off !!!  Utterly charming  classic British underdog humour,  this production exemplifies all the best qualities in Britcom.  


One of Gershwin’s greatest songs here performed by Helen Morgan, whose life ended tragically at age 41 due to severe alcoholism.A superbly rare and special recording that illustrates that irresistible charm Gershwin’s music has. And here is Gershwin himself in his piano solo version:    


It is decidedly rare that a spin-off series of a truly excellent  and deservedly highly successful movie works, but the talent pool behind the Series “Fargo” managed exactly that. It is somewhat difficult to praise all the qualities of this astounding series. The currently transmitted series 2 combines ravishingly aesthetic visual imagery with a nightmarish […]

Bill Bryson

For a light hearted  and funny read try Bill Bryson’s “The Road to Little Dribbling “, an utterly charming book about England.The man is clearly in love with that particular subject ( so am I, it is by far the most inspiring and wonderfully eccentric country in Europe ) and it is ideal for creating many smiles […]

2016 has arrived !

Another year has finally arrived and I am spending a few weeks in New Zealand over Christmas. It is certainly and easily one of the most beautiful countries in the world ( I used to live there for 4 years ) and the only thing that can be bothersome is the long flight from and […]